What the aftermath of colonialism shows very much is the importance of the margins...William Kentridge

Hello, we are Salwa,  A platform that aims to diversify the cultural landscape by amplifying the many different and passionate voices of artists and creative individuals who are new to the Netherlands. Salwa is founded on the belief that art practices are a strong medium of emancipation and liberation. A manifestation of free expression, not necessarily steered by certain agendas, they can be valued as an indicator as much as an acknowledgment of real pluriformity in society. In the highly institutionalised Dutch society, saturated with rules, regulations and hidden customs and privilege, it is extremely challenging (intimidating even) for artists with a different background to find room to belong and thrive. Salwa supports the artists’ exploration of identity within their new environment in the present times of continuous transition and change. We look for and encourage initiatives that are organised and run “by the people, for the people” and reject the often imposed and mediated representation of diversity in its current shape. We still welcome collaborations with institutional bodies that position themselves as an agent for minorities and marginalised groups or individuals and institutions that are honest, open for change and critical feedback, maybe even it they haven’t prioritised it before; to stimulate new representation in these institutions. As a platform, Salwa aims to be an anti-institutional platform, a liminal space, and a field of endless possibilities.

We refuse the exploitation and commodification emotional and physical labor of artists and creative thinkers. The Salwa team and community is made up of creative and strong-minded characters and we are happy to offer our support as organisers, producers, cooks, entertainers, educators, hosts, curators, but first and most importantly as artists. Because we trust that real change starts in small circles, we encourage self-sustaining programs that presents our team and community as leaders.

PS: we do not tolerate acts of racism, sexism, xenophobia, islamophobia, transphobia, homophobia, etc

Stichting Salwa is a non-profit organisation. The foundation was established in February 2019.
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