Salwa is a platform for artists, designers and creative thinkers who want to study or work in the Netherlands and are looking for support in finding their way and building their network. We offer practical insight into other professionals’ creative career paths and guidance in creating or reconstructing a professional portfolio. In the case of displaced artists, the challenges are particularly large and specific, often requiring to reinvent their practice and position themselves in a new context. Despite thorough training, experience, and craftsmanship, they are forced into a position of uncertainty, a “rite de passage”, in between one place and another, where they must rediscover and claim  both their own identity and their place
in a new society. Despite good intentions, existing organizations working with new arrival focus primarily on criteria such as the backround of the artist, or the reason for departure, rather than on the merit of their work. The Salwa Foundation wants to give meaning to facilitating the creative sector in a way that maintains the integrity of the artist, working within a paradigm of inclusiveness and excellence.Not everyone has the same needs. Facilitation may include, but is not limited to the various modes of enabling such as coaching during the intake process or after the commencement of a postgraduate degree, providing well-equipped workspaces and/or materials, networking strategies, organising workshops, and guidance in creating or reconstructing a professional portfolio.

Whether short or long-term guidance: in all cases, the focus is the repositioning of the artist in a new environment. With this approach, the Salwa Foundation hopes not only to facilitate but to start a movement with the aim of giving a broader, more inclusive view of artists and their art, regardless of their background and without stereotypes and labels. Making a structural connection between art and society, not with a view on the past, but looking at the present and with eyes set on the future. The purpose of the foundation is:
promoting the integration, self-development and self-employment of refugees so that they can take care of themselves as quickly as possible, focussing in particular on refugees who wish to build a career in the creative sector.
  the use for the public benefit related to the foregoing or may be conducive thereto, all in the broadest sense of the word. It does not aim for profit.

Stichting Salwa is a non-profit organisation.
The foundation was established in February 2019.

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