Salwa Foundation board members

Shailoh Phillips


Shailoh (R.E.) Phillips is a media artist, researcher, educator and community organizer. Originally trained in Anthropology, Philosophy and Cultural Analysis (University of Amsterdam, Humboldt University), she has spent the past decade working in the field of digital media and design education. Her practice revolves around fostering playful forms of collaborative resistance and seeking out pressure points to act in the face of social inequalities and unfolding ecological disasters. In 2016, she co-founded Studio Yalla, offering support and studio space to artists restarting their lives in the Netherlands. She holds an MA Education in Arts and Design (Piet Zwart Institute), is a PhD researcher in the Critical Making Consortium, teaches at Willem de Kooning Academy and at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Femke Bijlsma


I grew up in Wageningen, a provincial town on the river Rhine. I left for Japan. For one year I was an exchange student, staying with Japanese host families and going to a Japanese highschool in the countryside. When I returned to the Netherlands, I enrolled at the History of Arts course at the University of Amsterdam. But in spite of fantastic teachers (such as Rembrandt expert Ernst van de Wetering), I felt not at the right place there. I wanted to create, to make spatial experiences. In 1999 I graduated from Delft University, and with a degree in architecture in my pocket I left again for Japan. This time as a research student at the Technical University of

Christine Kappé


Christien Kappé is an accountant, artist and entrepreneur. She has a financial background and a special interest in cultural and social themes. 

The board itself carries out its duties unpaid. The development and implementation of the programs and daily management of the foundation are outsourced to third parties on a project basis. The board supervises and controls these third parties in the performance of their duties. The board meets at least 4 times per year. Here you can find a copy of our by-laws.

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