GYST is an intensive program for rerouting your practice

Get Your Shit Together with our personal track for rerouting, positioning and connecting your practice to the local cultural field. During this intense program, you will be assisted by a professional art coach and a community of professional artists and designers.

We are here to help you figure out what you need for your next steps, how to promote your work and find your way in the networks and platforms that are relevant to your practice.

    Artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians and performing artists with at least two years of professional experience
    Based near Amsterdam or willing to come weekly
    Cultural background and training from outside the Netherlands (asylum seekers, migrants, expats, newcomers, nomads and misfits).
    In need of support to position and connect your practice to the cultural sector
    Looking for community
    Open to feedback getting to know other artists going through similar struggles
    Great at making things, but difficulty knowing how to talk about it?
    Like to work hard and play hard?

Within this informal learning community, we offer you a safe environment to experiment. We invite you to tell us the things you need, the questions you have and the struggles you encounter. We will show you multiple ways how to deal with these questions, and start an open conversation to search for your personal strategy to tackle them.

Next program starts in January 2020. Please contact us if you have any questions or like to apply for the new program.