OPEN CALL for 2-month intense program for rerouting your practice

Get Your Shit Together with our 2-month personal track for rerouting, positioning and connecting your practice to the local cultural field. During this intense program, you will be assisted by a professional art coach and a community of professional artists and designers.

We are here to help you figure out what you need for your next steps, how to promote your work and find your way in the networks and platforms that are relevant to your practice.

    Artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians and performing artists with at least two years of professional experience
    Based near Amsterdam or willing to come weekly
    Cultural background and training from outside the Netherlands (asylum seekers, migrants, expats, newcomers, nomads and misfits).
    In need of support to position and connect your practice to the cultural sector
    Looking for community
    Open to feedback getting to know other artists going through similar struggles
    Great at making things, but difficulty knowing how to talk about it?
    Like to work hard and play hard?

If you fit the profile, please fill out this questionnaire so we can get to know you a bit better! We aim to select a mix of different disciplines and cultural backgrounds.

Within this informal learning community, we offer you a safe environment to experiment. We invite you to tell us the things you need, the questions you have and the struggles you encounter. We will show you multiple ways how to deal with these questions, and start an open conversation to search for your personal strategy to tackle them.

Start date:

Kick off will be in the week of the 20th of May.
Duration / contact moments:  8 weeks;

1 group meeting every week (moment will be selected together with participants and the art coach);

2 individual meetings with the art coach during the program.

Important: you need to commit to the entire program in order to participate.

Location: Derde Kostverlorenkade 35-D1054 TS Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Costs: €200,- (Scholarships available)
Formal result:  Certificate.

How to apply?
You can apply until the 5th of May. Please fill in the INTAKE FORM. And send us your portfolio, or a selection of your work in images and a small text about the work, together with a CV (if you have one) by email:

We will cover the following topics during the program:

#01: Kick off: Getting to know each other.

Who are we and who are you? We like to start by having a nice get together with the whole crew of the Salwa foundation. A first step into this new community.

#02: Mirror mirror on the wall…: Reflecting on your practice.

What inspires you? What steps do you take in your process? What is the output of your work and how does this relate to your surroundings? We show you ways of reflecting on your practice and take a first look at each others.

#03: This is how we roll: Methods and Process

Working further on the reflection we made last session, trying to understand the outcome, and draw conclusions from it.

#04: Show us what you got: Portfolio Showcase

How do we communicate our work, vision and personality? First up: our portfolio.

#05: Putting it on paper: writing about your work

Always difficult to translate thoughts and images into words. How do others do this? How can you? We hook you up with examples and tools to tackle this hustle.

#06: Put yourself out there: your (online) presence.

With every personality comes a personal way of putting yourself out there. Although sometimes it seems there is only one way to Rome, we will show you a variety of highways to take.

#07: Making a living: applying for schools, grants, galleries

There is a lot more about being an artist than making art. What are your possibilities? Where are they? And how do you reach them? A quick tour through the Dutch art landscape.

#08: The grand finale: curating an exhibition
During a group expo you will present yourself in the new found matter. You have got your shit together, so show them what you got!

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to send us an email!