At the core of Salwa’s public program is HOW WOW NOW, a selection of technical, conceptual workshops, talks events and performances that respond to our community’s needs, interests and curiosities. Each proposition focuses on a topic that encourages critical thinking, collective and individual participation and freedom of expression The topic is explored by a multidisciplinary group of artists, designers, and activists. Participants learn about ‘HOW’ the artist works and ‘WOW’, I can do that too, and do it ‘NOW’ you don’t have to wait because you can start right away!

The different workshops are curated by the Salwa team but we are very open by all kinds of proposal wither written on a digital pdf, shot on a phone camera or sang in a voice message!

Participants will get to know the cultural field, discover the different possibilities for their own practice, learn technical skills, build their network and get inspired by each other and by the creative mentors who also share experiences from their own practice.

You can register by sending us an

The cost of a single workshop is €5,00.

PS: If your financial situation is tight, feel free to write us. We are open to offering free participation!

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