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Salwa’s public program called HOW WOW NOW consists of a series of 5 events and workshops consisting of masterclasses, technical workshops, film screenings and excursions in which a theme is explored by a multidisciplinary group of professional artists, designers, activists and critical thinkers.

Participants learn about HOW the artist works and WOW, I can do that too, and you don't have to wait because you can start NOW. The different series are curated by professionals in order to guarantee a broad and qualitative range. Participants will get to know the cultural field, discover the different possibilities for their own practice, learn technical skills, build their network and get inspired by each other and by the professionals who also share their own experiences how their career started.

Each workshop consists of an artist talk and a hands-on part, in which the participants are actively engaging with the theme.  The workshops take place on Saturday afternoon.

You can join just one workshop, but it is of course much nicer to join all five, so you really get to explore one topic in depth. At the end of each series, the outcomes will be published on the Salwa website and participants of the complete course receive a proof of completion.
Workshops are open to the public.

How to register? You can register by sending us an email:

How much is the registration costThe cost of a single workshop is €5 

PS: If your financial situation is tight, feel free to write us. We are open to offering free participation!

Our upcoming program:
HOW WOW NOW > From All Sides is co-curated by Margarita Osipian

15 June 14:00 > HOW WOW NOW >> Media Choreographies with Joana Chicau @studio Yalla

29 June 14:00 > HOW WOW NOW >> Improvising Histories

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