23 March 2019 > In-Between
HOW> WOW> NOW>> Dancing Between the Lines
with Ahmad Shaaban

In this workshop we looked at the intersection between body movement and drawing lines. We created a short piece during the workshop based on a number of exercises. We aimed to gain awareness of our bodies and the lines we create through movement. 

16 March 2019 >> PLAY DATE I >
30 March 2019 >> PLAY DATE II >
Stencil Techniques and Patterns with SIDNEY WAERTS

In our first two PLAY DATES, artist Sidney Waerts shared some stencil-techniques he has learned over the years, using them on many projects.
In the first stencil workshop, we worked on our own portrait-stencils.
In the second workshop, we continued working on our own portrait-stencils. We made a combined art work together at the end of the workshop.
We also combined the stencil-technique with freehand painting or drawing in both workshops.

26 February 2019 > In-Between
Movie Night >> as a part of the HOW>WOW>NOW>> program. 
"LA HAINE / HATE" by Mathieu Kassovitz

The film tells the story of three young friends and their struggle to live in the banlieues of Paris. The title derives from a line spoken by one of them, Hubert, "La haine attire la haine!", "hatred breeds hatred." It was ranked #32 in Empire magazine's "The 100 Best Films of World Cinema" in 2010.
Afterwards, we had an engaging discussion about the movie with Razan Hassan.

2 February 2019 > In-Between
HOW> WOW> NOW>> Inflatables As Tools For Action

In this workshop we dived into the world of inflatable sculptures and how they could be used to draw attention and change people's behavior. Shailoh told about her experience as part of the collective “Tools for Action” and give a peek into her hybrid practice as an artist-educator-activist. We started with a crash course on the history of inflatables and the theory of cybernetics and spectacles, also touching on tactical media, critical making and artivism. And we also experimented with building our own inflatables! 

26 January 2019 > In-Between
Movie Night >> Soup and a movie followed by an engaging discussion
Film: In Between/Bar Bahar
Director: M. Hamoud, 2016

The film tells the story of three Palestinian women living in an apartment in Tel Aviv and how they try to find a balance between traditional and modern culture.

8 December 2018 > In-Between
HOW> WOW> NOW>> In Pursuit of an Encounter

What if, it I took your place? Could I feel what you feel? Could my body remember what your body remembers? How could a body become a home?
Inspired by the experience of migration, Lina put myself physically in situations that create the conditions for the unfolding of new relationships and encounters, real and imagined narratives and subjectivities. She did that with the literal displacement and re-placement of my body and that of others and by excavating embodied memory.
Lina shared with the participants how that has been forming her and her artistic practice and how it has led her to working as an artist outside the art context and exploring that space of
IN-BETWEENNESS as a productive subversive space. 

17 November 2018 > In-Between
HOW> WOW> NOW>> Queering Orientations: read, move, write with LILLY PFALZER

The workshop "Queering Orientations" focused on thinking with the whole body and combining theoretical practice with movement practice.
How do we orient ourselves outside of point A to point B thinking? Queer in this context is not only understood in terms of sexual orientation, but in terms of finding alternative ways of researching through lateral, intuitive and tentacle -like thinking- not forgetting that the root of queerness requires a constant shift against the grain.
The exercises of the workshop proposed an embodiment of these perspectives and a pleasure and a potential of being in the

12 August 2018
HOW> WOW> NOW>> VJing and 3D mapping techniques  with FROUKE TEN VELDEN

In the workshop the participants are introduced to:
- The work of Frouke (hows and whats)
- VeeJaying
- Resolume and the advanced output (video-mapping)
Also participants will get an assignment in form of a performance, AV-piece, music video or video-mapping installation with soundscape.

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