SESSION 3: Too  Much  Information?

Subtopics: infodemic, online freedom and surveillance,
conspiracy theories, accessibility, transparency

There are so many ways to interpret a crisis. How do we know what to believe? In such a connected world, it can be challenging to filter through so much conflicting information. On the one hand, fear can make it appealing to accept information uncritically. On the other hand, information gaps or surplus can also lead to an erosion of trust. Let’s take a closer look at conspiracy theories and try to understand what they have in common. How to discern what sources to
trust and to identify potential abuse of power in a quickly shifting society?

Core reference:

The occulted meaning of Covid-19 By Rhyd Wildermuth, March 24, 2020.

To watch/listen:

David Icke Conspiracies:

Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine

Extra references:

Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine (excerpt)   

Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus | Free to read
Carl Schmitt’s theory on the State of Exception  
Closing the ‘Digital Divide’ Critical in COVID-19 Response

Reading guide // Discussion questions to prepare:

  • How to take action when there is too little/too much information?
  • How does Fake News play a role during the pandemic? Which references do you trust? Which criteria do you have to stay informed and critical?
  • What happens to emergency measures when the pandemic is over?

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