SESSION 5: Tickling  Giants

Subtopics: resistance to authoritarianism, protest movements

Resistance comes in all shapes and sizes. The bigger the giant,
the more subtle and creative protest needs to be. The history of
protest is as long as the history of oppression. There is a lot
to learn from social movements all over the world and especially
those in places where resistance entails risk. As we now face
unfamiliar challenges and new kinds of risk, we would like to
explore what can be done and what we are potentially “up against”
by turning to the rich resources and practices that have been
cultivated over generations.

Core reference:

Surviving the Virus: An Anarchist Guide : Capitalism in Crisis—Rising Totalitarianism—Strategies of Resistance

To watch/listen:

Documentary: Tickling Giants

The Power of Laughtivism: Srdja Popovic at TEDxBG

Extra references:

BDS Victory: Ahava moving factory out of occupied West Bank   By on March 14, 2016.

May Day 2019: The Lone Wolf Rebellion

Learning to Breathe Protest

Decolonizing Community Care in Response to COVID-19 By Jade Begay, March 13, 2020.

Reading guide // Discussion questions to prepare:

  • If there was a recipe for resistance, what would it contain?
  • What do you think are the biggest challenges to mobilization?
  • How do crises change the nature of resistance and protest?