Beautiful Troubles

Subtopics: creative forms of protest, learning from
physically challenged groups

Among many things, resistance is an art and it requires
a lot of inspiration and attention to form. There are
many ways we can go about creating or performing protest.
This week we explore some of those ways at the intersection
of art and activism, and think about how this fits into our
present moment.

Core reference:

“Tactics” and “Principles” from Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox For Revolution by Andrew Boyd

To watch/listen:

John Jordan, Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

Adbusters - Kalle Lasn on CNN for Buy Nothing Day

Defiant Lives: Home

Extra references:

Choreographies of Protest by Susan Leigh Foster, 2003.

"The challenge of imaging peace in wartime." Elise Boulding, Futures, 1991.

The Anarchist Cookbook

Reading guide // Discussion questions to prepare:

  • Is there something you wish you could change?
  • What tools would you choose?