Moviemento is a film program focused on independent films from the MENA region, that introduces subtle stories and riveting characters that linger with you after watching them.

Many beautiful and remarkable independent films are in the spotlight for a very short period of time. They get programmed at festivals, get awards, and often disappear into the metaphorical archives. Moviemento digs deep and revives these stories to share with our community; giving visibility to the filmmakers and the worlds they have captured.
Salwa’s movie nights is a relaxed and fun way to bring the community together and share in the appreciation of independent films. The films are programmed by actor and film maker Wael Kadlo. In April 2019, Wael’s documentary “The Way Home” screened in Amsterdam, at Salwa, after being screened at IDFA.

From here, Moviemento was born.
Wael’s curation for Moviemento comes from a deep seated passion for keeping stories alive.
A screening is organised once a month, each series last for few months with an overarching theme.

The first cycle of films highlighted personal stories, some of which were deeply observational, such as Homeland: Iraq Year Zero, and others excitingly interactive like Ibrahim: A Fate to Define. All of them leave a mark. Currently running are a collection of films that focus on stories at the frontlines; not only the frontlines of war and fighting but also those of survival. Moviemento is open for the public and tickets can be purchased online.